EIPM’s Inaugural External Newsletter

Last week the EIPM distributed our first external e-newsletter, engaging with followers who signed up on our website to receive this information and to stay abreast of our work. We hope you enjoy reading this newsletter and we invite you to share it with your friends, family members and professional colleagues.


Fall 2019

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the quarterly newsletter of the Englander Institute for Precision Medicine (EIPM). You signed-up on our website to receive this new publication, and we hope that you enjoy learning more about the people, the technology they utilize, and the breakthroughs they are creating to advance science and speed new treatments to patients.

The EIPM is a translational research hub at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City, where we use precision medicine tools, like genomic sequencing and clinical data, to improve patients’ healthcare. Precision medicine can be used to inform physicians of both the treatment and the prevention of cancer, of metabolic diseases like diabetes, and of neurologic conditions. This information derives from both the individual genomic sequencing of the patient’s DNA and from the tumor cell’s sequencing. In a growing number of cases, we can predict how a patient might respond to a particular drug or drug combinations.

Dr. Cora Sternberg

We do much more than cutting-edge research. Clinicians use the information generated by our state-of-the-art technology to create more precise, personalized care for our patients. Leading these efforts is our Clinical Director Cora N. Sternberg, M.D. (left) who joined us earlier this year after serving as Chief of the Department of Medical Oncology at the San Camillo-Forlanini Hospital in Rome, Italy, and as adjunct Professor of Oncology at Rome’s La Sapienza University.

“Genomic research is changing the way we evaluate and treat our patients and has implications for their families,” said Dr. Sternberg. “We are discovering new molecules through genomic research and also putting this into context in our research in immunotherapy, evaluating the microenvironment and much more. I am thrilled to be a part of this miraculous team effort!”

Within each edition of this quarterly newsletter you’ll find links to researcher profiles, published papers, awards and more. We encourage you to share it widely, and follow us on social media for daily updates on our work.

Advances in Research
Our EIPM colleagues have a well-earned reputation for publishing cutting-edge research on a wide range of topics. This work fuels innovation, advances science, and generates attention among our peers that can lead to important collaborations.

Samples of recent publications include: a paper in the New England Journal of Medicine by Scott Tagawa, M.D. and colleagues about the first approved targeted therapy for urothelial bladder cancer; Lisa Newman, M.D. and Melissa Davis, Ph.D. (right) recently collaborated on a paper exploring racial disparities in breast cancer; and a paper by Iman Hajirasouliha, Ph.D. and first author postdoc Dr. Pegah Khosravi in Nature’s NPJ Digital Medicine on an AI approach to optimize embryo selection for IVF.

Join our Digital Community 

I encourage you to like & follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. We often use social media to drive traffic to our website where visitors can learn about new additions to our team, including Laura Santambrogio, M.D., Ph.D., (left) our new Associate Director for Precision Immunology, and M. Laura Martin, Ph.D., who was recently promoted to Ex Vivo Models Director. We also use social media to promote news media coverage of our work, including this article from US News & World Report on incorporating genetic testing into primary care.

Our social media channels also direct traffic to new videos we have created that help to explain our work, including a video on how pathologists and oncologists work together using precision medicine, and a National Cancer Research Month video that explored the promise and potential of precision medicine.

Mark your calendars for our “Precision Medicine Research Symposium: A Paradigm Shift in Patient Care,” which will be hosted this year by EIPM and Weill Cornell Medicine’s Clinical & Translational Science Center, along with Cornell University in Ithaca and the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute on Roosevelt Island. Last year’s event (right) was a great success and you won’t want to miss the 2019 Symposium on October 28-29. Please check our website and social media channels for additional information.

Following Weill Cornell Medicine’s mission, we strive to Care, Discover and Teach about precision medicine. Over the summer we met with community leaders, technology industry professionals, and highly-motivated students (left) to share information about our work in research, big data, virtual reality, augmented reality and related topics. We invite you to learn more about these community collaborations.

Opportunities for Students

We hosted dozens of interns this summer, from high school students through post-docs, and encourage you to visit the Team section of our website to learn more about these talented young people from across the country and around the world, like Deus Alleluia Nsenga from Rwanda.

Third Avenue Fair
The EIPM will again participate in Manhattan’s Third Avenue Fair on Sunday, September 15th. The Fair, which takes place on Third Avenue between 66th and 86th streets, is a great opportunity for us to provide valuable information to community residents and engage with visitors. If you’re planning to attend the event please be sure and drop by our table to say hello!

Thank you again for your interest in our important mission, I look forward to keeping you informed of our work.

Olivier Elemento, Ph.D.

Director, Englander Institute for Precision Medicine