The Cancer Gene Mutation Panel (CGMP_50) 50 Gene Panel

The Ampliseq Cancer Gene Mutation Panel (CGMP_50) is used for identifying mutations in 50 cancer-related genes using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and the Ion AmpliSeq Hot Spot Panel v2 by Ion Torrent (Life Technologies).  This panel can be used to detect mutations in the lung, colorectal, thyroid, brain and melanoma (skin) cancer for diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutic decision making, as well as identify relevant genes for possible enrollment in clinical trials.

CGMP_50 was validated as per New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) regulations and approved in 2014.  Of the 50 genes within the panel, 14 genes have been further validated according to NYSDOH guidelines.  We are continually improving the CGMP_50test with continued validation of the remaining 36 genes and improving laboratory efficiencies.  A data server is used to improve management of data files generated by the Ion PGM sequencing system used for the CGMP_50.

Ask your physician or oncologist if this test is right for you.  For more information on CGMP_50, visit the Department of Pathology’s website.