The Myeloid (Raindance) 50 Gene Panel

The Myeloid 50 Gene panel has been developed on the Raindance Thunderstorm platform with the Illumina MiSeq instrument.  The assay has been developed in the WCM Heme-Molecular Pathology Laboratory.  Currently, all validation samples (720) have been run and data has been generated for the NYSDOH application. An additional 150 samples have been run to further validate genes.

The Englander Institute’s Applied Bioinformatics Core (ABC) has automated procedures to receive data from the MiSeq instruments, kickoff the data analysis, and generate reports that clinicians can access easily to enable them to make actionable treatment decisions for their patients.

Ask your physician or oncologist whether ordering this test is right for you.  For more information on the Myeloid 50 Gene Panel test, please visit our Dept. of Pathology website.