Molecular and Genomic Pathology (MGP)
at the Englander Institute

In conjunction with esteemed Weill Cornell Medicine and our award-winning hospital, NewYork-Presbyterian, the Englander Institute for Precision Medicine (EIPM) has been at the forefront of clinical cancer testing for years, continually improving and expanding our test platforms for clinical use.

We are offering our tests to patients and we are also developing the technological methods to integrate genomic test data with patients’ Electronic Health Record (EHR).

In 2016, EIPM produced, EXaCT-1, the first Whole Exome Sequencing test approved for cancer testing in New York State.

Shortly thereafter, we produced a 50-gene panel test, called the Cancer Gene Mutation Panel (CGMP_50), which interrogates a targeted section of the genome, also approved by New York State.

Currently, we are awaiting NYS approval for an additional two tests, Oncomine, which is a more comprehensive targeted gene panel using the NCI MATCH platform, and a Myeloid test. We anticipate that these tests will be available for clinical use very soon.

We are also integrating EIPM protocols into standard care activities based on requests and support from our Department of Oncology and Meyer Cancer Center, to also include the integration of Organoids for drug testing.

For further information on each of these tests, please visit our pages on EXaCT-1, CGMPOncomine, and Myeloid.