The Englander Institute’s for Precision Medicine (EIPM) labs are dedicated to bench-side research that will lead to new bedside therapies.
Understanding that data science is incredibly powerful, we use leading-edge tools and technologies, including high throughput sequencing and drug screening, artificial intelligence, precision cancer models, and unparalleled laboratory information systems, to share our data and resources with the research and clinical community at large, in order to help break down these barriers.
To this effort, we have developed an Organoid Lab and an Innovation Lab that is going to move forward our future research.


Given that each tumor has its own unique molecular identity, here at the Englander Institute for Precision Medicine, we have been using organoids as models to make more precise diagnoses and develop more effective treatments.

Innovation Lab

We are looking to broaden our nexus of partners, collaborators, and affiliates to build a vast, ever-expanding network, deep-rooted with the symbiosis that is essential to our cause.