Medical Education in The Englander Institute for Precision Medicine

The Englander Institute for Precision Medicine (EIPM), in alignment with Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM), is committed to excellence in research, teaching, patient care, and the advancement of the art and science of medicine through the maintenance of scientific and clinical scholarship.

To this end, the mission of Continuing Medical Education program is to:

  • Provide lifelong educational opportunities for physicians based on identified needs that will lead to the improved health care of patients now and for future generations.
  • Convey emerging scientific knowledge to physicians and other healthcare professionals by offering educational activities that contribute to improved research and practice in the science, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of illness and disease.
  • Improve the career satisfaction of physicians by providing them with educational opportunities that keep them abreast of the latest developments in medicine, while simultaneously offering CME faculty and participants the opportunity to interact with one another personally and professionally.

EIPM offers continuing medical education credit for the following:



Online Curriculum for Precision Medicine

The following educational and training content is recommended by EIPM Members for anyone interested in learning more about the exciting and fast-evolving field of precision medicine.

This online curriculum is meant to provide a breadth of information for those who are both new to the field and to experienced researchers. The courses offered by third-parties will provide information on fields like computational biology, oncology, artificial intelligence, and more.

Please check back often.


Our friends at New York University’s Courant Institute & Center for Data Science have assembled a collection of videos providing an introduction to the field of Deep Learning that we hope you’ll enjoy:


History and resources




Gradient descent and the back propagation algorithm




Neural nets: rotation and squashing





The Baylor College of Medicine presents the webinar, “Race and Genetics: Perspectives of Precision Medicine.

A success story of our Post-Doctoral students

Former EIPM team members, including Drs. Neel S. Madhukar and Kaitlyn Gayvert, under the mentorship of Dr. Olivier Elemento, Director of the Englander Institute for Precision Medicine, successfully developed ways to improve clinical trials and drug development.

The video below provides more details on their projects and the impact of their collaboration: