I am currently a Queens College senior under CUNY’s Macaulay Honors College. As a Computer Science and Neuroscience-Psychology double major, I hope to bridge the gap between the computational, data-driven side of research and its more neurobehavioural aspects. My primary interests involve the utilization of VR/AR technology to enhance our mood induction systems. To better characterize mental disorders from a behavioral perspective, it is essential that we fully encapsulate the experience. Given my current lab work implements image-based induction, I am very interested in seeing how the skills I foster throughout Weill Cornell Medicine’s Spatial Computing internship will aid me in achieving the aforementioned. Between this program and my part-time position at Deerfield Management, it has become apparent what advances can be made through the use of technology. I greatly look forward to Unity development and the optimization of physician UI for the purpose of quality care.