Doron Betel, Ph.D. is the bioinformatics director of the Epigenomics Core Facility where he leads a team of software developers and bioinformaticians in the development of computational infrastructure and algorithms specific to the core activities. This includes the development of a computational pipeline for the analysis and storage of high-throughput data as well as the development of novel algorithms for analysis of epigenomic data.

Dr. Betel’s research interest is in development of computational genomic tools for the study of human diseases and cellular development. This is focused on detailed analyses of genomic, epigenomic, and transcriptome data to address specific questions related to disease progression, treatment response, stem cell differentiation and neurological processes. His lab research projects include miRNA function and targets, characterizing late-onset neurodegenerative diseases using iPS cells, gastric microbiome and cancer genomics of gastric cancer, and genomic profiling of long-term memory processes.