Qixuan (Michael) Li is a master’s student studying Information Science at Cornell University. He earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering at UCLA and an M.Eng in Chemical Engineering at Cornell. After graduating from Cornell, Qixuan plans to leverage his background in engineering with his strong programming and data analysis skills to start a career in the bioinformatics or pharmaceutical industry. Qixuan works with Tomer Yaron and Jared Johnson in Lewis Cantley’s lab at Weill Cornell Medicine’s Sandra and Edward Meyer Cancer Center. He applies concepts and algorithms in computer science to study the interaction of kinases, and he is also developing a novel computation system to design synthetic peptides. This system can produce peptides that are only favorable to kinases of interest specified by the user while being unfavorable to other kinases. This system will have many applications in kinase research, such as designing FRET biosensors.