Rohan Bareja


While cancer genomics studies the status of the DNA of tumor to identify the alterations that enable those tumor cells to survive, transcriptomics focuses on the effects of those alterations on the expression of genes. Rohan has been developing the pipeline to analyze the RNA-seq profiles of our patients and provide timely results. He developed the pipeline enabling the data to be processed automatically. He also developed a series of applications to analyze the data from different perspectives, e.g. detection of fusion transcripts, of disregulated pathways, of genes with unexpected abnormal activity, etc. Importantly, those applications also have a user-friendly interface that facilitates our colleagues in the wet-lab to look at the data and the results of the analysis. Rohan’s analyses resulted in the definition of new transcriptional profiles in a subset of urothelial carcinoma (ref1). In addition to continuing the implementation of automation of the RNA-seq pipeline, the plan for 2017 is to describe our experience at the Institute for Precision Medicine in an upcoming paper.