Caring For Our Patients

Things can be devastating for the patients that are diagnosed with cancer, and traditional cancer treatments, which often cause unpleasant to debilitating side effects, can be challenging, too. At the Englander Institute for Precision Medicine (EIPM), our goal is to identify a targeted therapeutic approach for each patient we see. Because these treatment recommendations are based on targeted therapies they might not fit the standard, established a protocol for a tumor.

Currently, we see patients with advanced or refractory cancer who are referred by their physicians to our Precision Medicine Clinic, which is led by the medical oncologist and the Director of Clinical and Translational Research of EIPM Himisha Beltran, MD. We enroll patients at the Institute through an Institutional Review Board-approved clinical trial, then obtain samples of both their normal and tumor tissue and analyze these samples using genomic sequencing techniques. This sequencing strategy enables us to identify specific targets for treatment.

The results of our genomic analysis and patients’ medical history are reviewed by a multi-institutional Precision Medicine Tumor Board, which includes experts in medical oncology, pathology, computational biology, genetics, and ethics. The Tumor Board will collaboratively develop a treatment plan tailored to each patient, and EIPM will then share this plan with patients’ clinicians, who then discuss the results with the patient.

Physicians at the Precision Medicine Clinic follow patients to see how they are responding to therapy. This information is captured in a clinical database and will help the EIPM team discover and develop therapeutic approaches to benefit many more patients with cancer and other diseases.

Patients are seen in the Precision Medicine Clinic on a referral only basis. If you are a patient who is interested in precision medicine, please speak to your doctor or make an appointment with one of our referring clinicians.