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Next Generation Sequencing

EIPM Research Laboratory's Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Platform is a distinguished and experienced center committed to unlocking the profound potential of genomics for precision medicine. Our unwavering commitment to precision medicine places us at the forefront of scientific exploration in NGS, where we meticulously explore the complex realms of the human genome and beyond. Our primary goal is to unravel the unique genetic landscape of each individual patient, striving to understand how this invaluable knowledge can be seamlessly translated and applied into personalized treatment strategies.

Significance of NGS in Precision Medicine 

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) represents a transformative leap in genomics research and is instrumental in advancing precision medicine. This revolutionary technology enables scientist to decode the entire genetic makeup of individuals, offering profound insights into the genetic underpinnings of diseases. NGS plays a pivotal role in precision medicine by:

  • Personalized Treatment: NGS allows for identifying specific genetic mutations and variations in patients, facilitating the development of personalized treatment plans tailored to individual genetic profiles.

  • Targeted Therapies: With NGS, we can identify targetable genetic alterations that may respond to specific therapies, leading to more effective and less invasive treatments.

  • Early Disease Detection: NGS can detect genetic markers associated with diseases at an early stage, enabling proactive interventions and better patient outcomes.

Next Generation Sequencing Collaborations

At the EIPM Research Laboratory, we work with NGS experts who evaluate each research project to determine the most suitable NGS approach. We help to facilitate a range of NGS options, including:

  • Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS): WGS provides a comprehensive analysis of the entire genome, allowing for the identification of both common and rare genetic variants. For specialized or complex projects, we collaborate closely with renowned scientists at Illumina, the New York Genome Center (NYGC) and Boston Gene, leveraging their expertise and resources to facilitate advanced NGS studies.
  • EXact2 (In-House Whole Exome Sequencing): EXact2 offers focused sequencing of the exome, which includes the protein-coding regions of the genome. This cost-effective approach is ideal for identifying genetic variations associated with diseases.
  • RNA Sequencing (RNA-Seq): RNA-Seq allows for the examination of gene expression patterns, providing insights into how genes are regulated in various conditions.

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To find more information about each NGS approach please contact: ipminfo@med.cornell.edu

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