Englander Institute for Precision Medicine

Cutting Edge Technology

In the field of precision medicine, understanding the intricate interplay of cells and tissues remains a formidable challenge, especially when deciphering complicated diseases and their mechanisms. The EIPM is committed to advancing translational research through innovative technologies. Our expanding and Cutting Edge Technology offerings are at the forefront of scientific exploration, providing researchers with powerful tools to unlock the mysteries of complex biological processes.  Our platform offerings epitomize a commitment to providing powerful tools to unlock the mysteries of complex biological processes.

Unraveling Complexities through Spatial Biology 

Multiplex spatial profiling technologies step in as game-changers, offering specialized lenses to perceive cells in their environments, detect their molecules, and map interactions. This depth of insight enables pinpointing disease-initiating cells and deciphering intercellular dialogues. At EIPM Spatial Profiling and Mass Cytometry have diverse applications that help researchers foster  transformative discoveries.

Diverse Applications 

The EIPM offers a variety of spatial profiling and mass cytometry services. Both technologies are versatile and invaluable tools that have the potential to transform research, clinical practice, and various industries by providing a deeper understanding of cellular and molecular processes, disease mechanisms, and treatment responses. Benefits include: 
Research Discovery Clinical Practice Industry Innovation
• Cell Heterogeneity • Biomarker Discovery. •. Drug Research •. Immune Response. •. Tumor Environments•. Personalized Medicine • Diagnostics •Treatment Monitoring: •. Disease Progression • Pharmaceuticals: •. Biotech • Clinical Trials •. Disease Modeling

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