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The Englander Institute is deeply committed to advancing the frontiers of precision medicine research. Our mission is to transform healthcare by bridging the gap between cutting-edge scientific discoveries and tangible benefits for patients. We actively collaborate with clinical and research departments, working diligently to translate innovative precision medicine technologies from research laboratories to the bedside of each patient.

A Multifaceted Approach to Research

Our approach to precision medicine research is multifaceted and dynamic, aimed at unlocking new horizons in healthcare. We have several specialized research platforms designed to facilitate groundbreaking discoveries and personalized healthcare. These unique precision medicine platforms scale beyond single investigator laboratories to foster collaborations that fuel discovery.

Streamlining Collaborations 

To facilitate these research endeavors and collaborations, we have developed EIPM FUSION, a Focused Unified System for Integrated Operations and Networking. This innovative platform serves as a centralized hub for project identification, development, execution, and oversight. Whether you seek to leverage our research platforms, access our expertise, or embark on collaborative research initiatives, EIPM FUSION simplifies the process, ensuring seamless progress toward your research goals.

EIPM FUSION is a Focused Unified System for Integrated Operations and Networking. We aid in comprehensive project management and research consultation to aid investigator-led studies. Learn more here.

Reinventing Medicine at the EIPM, vol 2.

Reinventing Medicine
Take a tour of the facilities and laboratories of the Englander Institute for Precision Medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City.