Englander Institute for Precision Medicine

Clinical Data Management

The EIPM's Clinical Data Management team includes specialized Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) and Clinical Research Managers (CRM) who play a pivotal role in data acquisition and the construction of tailored databases for our research investigators. The core of our mission lies in advancing the realm of precision medicine by furnishing investigators with the data and analytical capabilities necessary to propel healthcare innovation forward. 

Our experience extends to data applications such as REDCap, Epic and inhouse applications allowing us to design both standardized and custom database structures to  perform intricate investigator led queries. With a wealth of expertise in data curation, we are able to amass extensive datasets encompassing sample particulars, consent documentation, clinical outcomes, and treatment responses, all sourced from diverse origins. Efforts include:

  • Database development (Redcap, etc.): for internal and external collaborators 

  • Clinical data curation: collection of treatment/response, clinical outcomes, EPIC querying 

  • Targeted cohort building for projects

As regulated institute our data collection and storage protocols scrupulously adhere to rigorous institutional, state, and federal research privacy guidelines to ensure the utmost protection of patient data and research. 

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