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Project Collaboration | FUSION

EIPM FUSION (Focused Unified System for Integrated Operations and Networking), is the Englander Institute's innovative project management platform designed to streamline and enhance research initiatives. FUSION is the central hub for all aspects of project identification, development, execution, and oversight, making the journey toward research goals more efficient and effective.  

Whether you seek to leverage our cutting-edge tools, access our expertise, or embark on collaborative research endeavors, EIPM FUSION simplifies the process. It acts as the first point of contact for EIPM project management, accommodating various project types, including service requests, internal projects, collaborations with researchers, cross-departmental efforts, and industry alliances. 

Collaboration Request

If you would like to collaborate with the Englander Institite on a research project, please complete this form: Collaboration Request Form

FUSION Project Submission Workflow  

  • Project identification
  • Project development (if needed)
  • Project review by topic experts
  • Project Plan Establishment 
  • Team formation
  • Project oversight to ensure steady progress 

Information Request 

For information about EIPM resources available for project development, grant applications or industry partnerships (samples, pre-clinical models, data metrics, etc.), submit inquiries here: Submission Form

If you are interested in exploring a new translational research collaboration, submit inquires here.

Please contact EIPM FUSION team with questions

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