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Updates on radiotherapy-immunotherapy combinations: Proceedings of 6th annual ImmunoRad conference.

TitleUpdates on radiotherapy-immunotherapy combinations: Proceedings of 6th annual ImmunoRad conference.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsGregucci F, Spada S, Barcellos-Hoff MHelen, Bhardwaj N, Hak CChan Wah, Fiorentino A, Guha C, Guzman ML, Harrington K, Herrera FG, Honeychurch J, Hong T, Iturri L, Jaffee E, Karam SD, Knott SRV, Koumenis C, Lyden D, Marciscano AE, Melcher A, Mondini M, Mondino A, Morris ZS, Pitroda S, Quezada SA, Santambrogio L, Shiao S, Stagg J, Telarovic I, Timmerman R, Vozenin M-C, Weichselbaum R, Welsh J, Wilkins A, Xu C, Zappasodi R, Zou W, Bobard A, Demaria S, Galluzzi L, Deutsch E, Formenti SC
Date Published2023
KeywordsCombined Modality Therapy, Humans, Immunotherapy, Neoplasms

Focal radiation therapy (RT) has attracted considerable attention as a combinatorial partner for immunotherapy (IT), largely reflecting a well-defined, predictable safety profile and at least some potential for immunostimulation. However, only a few RT-IT combinations have been tested successfully in patients with cancer, highlighting the urgent need for an improved understanding of the interaction between RT and IT in both preclinical and clinical scenarios. Every year since 2016, ImmunoRad gathers experts working at the interface between RT and IT to provide a forum for education and discussion, with the ultimate goal of fostering progress in the field at both preclinical and clinical levels. Here, we summarize the key concepts and findings presented at the Sixth Annual ImmunoRad conference.

Alternate JournalOncoimmunology
PubMed ID37363104
PubMed Central IDPMC10286673

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