Englander Institute for Precision Medicine

Clinical Research

Englander Institute members are experts in cutting-edge clinical research, dedicated to advancing healthcare through precision medicine. With a rich history of collaboration with over 5,000 patients, our clinical research team possesses years of experience in facilitating groundbreaking research initiatives, patient tracking, enrollment, and consenting. 

We enthusiastically invite all eligible patients and clinicians to engage as active participants in our research cohorts and studies. This process typically commences with a physician referring a patient to our specialized clinical research team. In addition to conventional referral channels, our team employs innovative patient identification methods to identify individuals who may meet the criteria for participation in our diverse precision medicine studies.

Through these proactive initiatives, the Englander Institute has accumulated a substantial repository of patient samples, including tumor and benign tissues, blood specimens, saliva, and various other biofluids as well as invaluable metadata that is all incorporated and annotated into our clinical databases. These invaluable resources serve as the foundation of our robust bio and data repositories, playing a pivotal role in advancing our clinical research efforts.

For inquiries related to clinical data please contact

Jyothi Manohar, MPH
Clinical Research Manager
Englander Institute for Precision Medicine

Weill Cornell Medicine Englander Institute for Precision Medicine 413 E 69th Street
Belfer Research Building
New York, NY 10021