Drug discovery begins on the bench, with basic scientists who are able to apply their findings into novel therapies. Ready, affordable access to a range of molecules and compounds is essential to supporting such translational research.

Weill Cornell Medicine’s Preclinical Pharmacy was established in 2013 by the Meyer Cancer Center as a way to pool our resources and expertise in the collection, formulation, preparation and storage of hundreds of compounds, including those currently in clinical trials.

The Englander Institute of Precision Medicine is proud to provide Preclinical Pharmacy services in coordination with their Tumor Organoid screening platform and Weill Cornell Medicine’s newly developed High Throughput Drug screening platform. The collection is available on a fee-for-service basis to cancer center members and EIPM collaborators.

Our Services


  • We will work with you to provide optimized drug delivery setups for your experiment and can also supply smaller libraries and single compounds.
  • Are you in need of a large amount of a particular compound for your in vivo assays? Please let us know and we’ll get you a quote.

Common Delivery Formats:

Compound Library (CL):
Compounds are plated at one concentration in multi-well plates.

Pathway Library (PL):
Compounds are plated at their optimized concentrations know to maximally inhibit the target while minimizing off-target effects.

Dose Response Curves (DRC):
Compounds are plated at increasing concentrations with pre-specified intervals.


In Vitro Applications:

In Vivo Applications:

Proof-of-Principle (POP):
These compounds are for administration to mice in relatively small size experiments (less than 100 mice in toxicity and efficacy experiments).

Pre-Clinical Trial (PCT):
These compounds are for administration to mice or bigger animals, using human equivalent-doses, schedules, and route of administration, alone or in combinatorial experiments.

Contact Us

  • Contact us to use one of our preselected libraries or build your own library based on pathways of interest.
  • If your compound of interest is not commercially available, our industry collaborators can synthesize a range of compounds at a competitive price.


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