Englander Institute for Precision Medicine

Weill Cornell Medicine's Englander Institute for Precision Medicine is a large multi-disciplinary  institute that uses precision medicine technologies and informatics to uncover the molecular  mechanisms of disease and individualize disease treatment and prevention. 

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A Second Chance with Precision Medicine | Weill Cornell Medicine

A Second Chance, Thanks to Precision Medicine
After an eight-year journey, Cheryl Bonder is in remission due to the tenacity of Weill Cornell Medicine physicians and scientists. At WCM, we are committed to #ChangingMedicine and the standard of care with treatments as unique as our patients.
Aug 01,2024
3:00pm to 4:00pm
Sep 12,2024
3:00pm to 4:00pm

The EIPM offers genomic testing to impact clinical care and advance disease research. Patients and clinicians can learn about enrollment in clinical trials and research studies here.

Learn how the EIPM is translating innovative precision medicine technologies from research laboratories to our patient’s bedside.


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Philanthropic gifts, in all shapes and sizes, are vital to our mission of bringing precision medicine to every patient and to our recruitment of the world’s best and brightest clinical minds.