What is the Innovation Lab?

As pioneers in the field of precision medicine, our Institute’s researchers and physician-scientists are continuously working together to make today’s discoveries become tomorrow’s cures. Tapping into the evolution of genomic data, and translating this data into making individualized, more efficient cancer treatments is the new milieu. Our research has taught us that cancer is not one disease, but has hundreds of unique identities, and can be an aggressive retaliator. From our Institute’s inception, we have looked at ways to manipulate the human genome, being among the first to use sequencing of the whole genome to provide insight into how an individual’s cancer begins, evolves, and strategically evades treatments that once stopped the disease in its tracks. We worked diligently to develop EXaCT-1, the first whole-exome sequencing test approved for cancer testing in the state of New York, and are in process of develop additional clinical test platforms. In addition to working internally with our teams of pathologists, oncologists, computational biologists, and information technologists, we widely contribute our samples, research, and findings to others outside our institution. By creating an open source precision medicine knowledgebase (PMKB), we have allowed clinicians 24/7, guided access to information they need to improve clinical treatment decisions for their patients. However, due to confounds of existing research silos and the increased load of the data-driven environment, we inevitably reach limitations.

Understanding that data science is incredibly powerful, we use leading-edge tools and technologies, including high throughput sequencing and drug screening, artificial intelligence, precision cancer models, and unparalleled laboratory information systems, to share our data and resources with the research and clinical community at large, in order to help break down these barriers. We serve and share tirelessly. We have the infrastructure and organization to accelerate discoveries and drive innovation, and what we need is you, our fellow researchers, scientists, and clinicians, to advance this course even faster. Our goal is common: to improve our medicines, to reduce and/or eradicate the mortality caused by this disease, and to ultimately give life back. With your help, we can speed up the integration of new discoveries into clinical practice to make this dream a reality even sooner.

We are looking to broaden our nexus of partners, collaborators, and affiliates to build a vast, ever-expanding network, deep-rooted with the symbiosis that is essential to our cause. Together we can greatly expedite bringing bench-side research to bedside medicine that can make the difference. Let this serve as an open invitation to join the Englander Institute for Precision Medicine’s Innovation Lab. Because together our strength and impact is insurmountable.

To join us, please use our contact form to let us know you’re interested in being a part of our Innovation Lab, and you will receive communication on our regular meetings. We look forward to hearing from you.