In the Englander Institute for Precision Medicine (EIPM), we are at the forefront of translational research and we have developed non-clinical assays as a part of our outstanding research program. Some of the most serious diseases can be traced in our genome and EIPM is changing the face of how we diagnose, treat and care for patients using a personalized approach and genomic sequencing. EIPM provides the technology to procure, sequence and analyze genetic information in form of big data. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is used to reveal the presence and quantity of RNA in a patient’s sample at a given moment. RNA-Seq (RNA sequencing) is a recently developed approach to transcriptome profiling that uses deep-sequencing technologies with the aim to analyze the continuously changing cellular transcriptome. Data from non-clinical assays such as RNA-Seq play an important role as a predictor and decision-making tool in the treatment development process.

RNA-Seq is, in essence, the collection of RNA transcripts, the Transcriptome, is dynamic and constantly changing. RNA-Seq is a powerful NGS method that can deliver a detailed snapshot of RNA transcripts present in a sample. Due to the variety and very large number of molecules sequenced, this represents the most advanced method for discovery of novel transcripts and isoforms, for identification of alternative splice sites and allele-specific expression, as well as for monitoring changes in gene expression over time or under differing conditions. RNA-Seq has a 5-log dynamic range, providing exceptional relative quantitation of transcripts and making detection of rare transcripts possible. A wide variety of RNA molecules can be sequenced, including polyadenylated [polyA(+)] and non-polyadenylated mRNAs, non-coding RNAs, and microRNAs. Our researchers use a number of powerful in-house developed bioinformatics tools such as AI, machine learning, and data visualization to fully interpret and use NGS data, being dedicated to bench-side research that will lead to new bedside therapies.