At the Englander Institute for Precision Medicine (EIPM), we strive to be at the forefront of translational research. We’ve recently paired the Helios™, mass cytometry by time-of-flight (CyTOF) instrument with the Hyperion imaging module. The system is one of 30 of its kind in use, and the only one in the NYC area.

With this advanced technology for single-cell analysis, we are providing investigators with a powerful, affordable and actionable tool for exploring complex biological processes.

“The CyTOF and Hyperion will enable exciting new discoveries regarding the structure of disease tissue at the single cell level, especially the role of immune cells.”

– EIPM Director Olivier Elemento, Ph.D. 

Graphic courtesy: Fluidigm

Technology Overview:

CyTOF aids in multiplexing and deep profiling of single cells, and is expected to have significant clinical applications. With this Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) – Time of Flight-based technology, one can profile 40 markers at a time on a single cell and learn more about the functional and phenotypic relevance of the cell state in a tissue context.

The Hyperion™ Imaging System is a mass cytometry-based high-resolution laser ablation system that allows for the highly multiplexed imaging with up to 135 channels available. The system is designed to detect metal-tagged antibodies bound to the cell surface and intracellular proteins in tissue sections using immunohistochemical methods. The system allows for high-resolution cellular profiling in spatial proximity, enabling detection of disease cells and immune cell populations within the context of the tissue structure.

Imaging Mass Cytometry employs laser ablation of tissue sections stained with a leap in dimensionality of 40 markers simultaneously, generating millions of pixels with a resolution comparable to light microscopy but with high content of mass cytometry. This technology unveils the interaction between cell types in their tissue context and throws more light into the characterization of functional and signaling state of the cells.


Tissues analyzed FFPE, frozen tissues, biopsies
Targets analyzed Proteins and RNAs
Tissue thickness (full ablation) ≤7 µm
Addressable sample size ≥16 mm x 55 mm
Scan area ≥1 mm2/  4 Hr (@100Hz)
Ablation spot size ≤20 %
Optimal operating temperature 21 ± 1 °C




 Graphic courtesy: Paymaneh D Malihi et al 2018 Converg. Sci. Phys. Oncol. 4 015003


Workflow Applications
Frame relevant research goal Immuno-phenotyping
Identify markers that augment research goal Functional and Signaling state of a cell in tissue context
Design the panel Cytokine/Chemokine expression
Antibody validation Normal vs. Diseased state comparison to identify any clinically significant cell transformation
Antibody Titration Proliferation analyses
Staining and scanning on Hyperion Apoptosis and Necrosis profiling
Analysis of the data (cell segmentation, ViSNE plot, etc.)


Services & Fees  

Pricing Category Internal / External Academic Institutions Industry
Sample Acquisition (Helios) $100 per hour $160 per hour
Tissue Ablation (Hyperion) $120 per hour $190 per hour
Metal-tagged antibody $3-$5 per ul $3-$5 per ul
Metal-tagged antibody (CST vendor) $7 -$10 per ul $7 -$10 per ul


* Stock concentration of the antibodies: 0.5 mg/ml.

* CyTOF ready antibodies from Cell Signaling Technologies is comparatively more expensive than other vendors, which is reflected in our pricing.


CyTOF Sample Run Request Form

WCM and NewYork-Presbyterian clinicians must submit a CyTOF Project Request before submitting samples. For projects already submitted, you may submit a CyTOF Service Request.  This technology will be available to researchers outside of our network by contacting Ms. Hiranmayi Ravichandran:

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Links to Resources and Publications:

Links to Protocols:  

  1. Imaging Mass Cytometry Staining Protocol for FFPE Sections
  2. Maxpar Cell Surface Staining with Fresh Fix
  3. Maxpar Nuclear Antigen Staining with Fresh Fix
  4. Maxpar Phosphoprotein Staining with Fresh Fix
  5. Maxpar Cytoplasmic/Secreted Antigen Staining with Fresh Fix

 *Please email for up-to date protocols


The acquisition of EIPM’s CyTOF technology was made possible through a generous donation from Mr. Igor Tulchinsky and the WorldQuant, LLC Initiative for Quantitative Prediction.

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