The Englander Institute for Precision Medicine’s internship program is intended for students in the medical, life science, computational and engineering fields with an interest in precision medicine. Since the Institute’s inception, we have mentored trainees ranging from high school, undergrad, and medical school, to rotating residents and fellows in various areas of the clinic, laboratory, and bioinformatics. We aim to introduce young scientists and engineers to the fast-paced advancements in precision medicine and foster the future of genomic medicine.

Plan of Study 

Program curriculums are based on the particular interest following review of each CV and interviews with candidates. 2019 project details to come.

Students will partner with EIPM faculty mentors and will be paired with staff to help integrate them to the multidisciplinary team.  In addition to individual and group projects, students are invited to attend regular EIPM events, including seminar series, working groups and journal clubs, weekly lectures at Weill Cornell Medicine. Weekly workshop will also focus on professional development.

The program culminates with an interactive poster session to showcase projects to Weill Cornell Medicine.

2018 Project Focus Areas


  • Precision Medicine Knowledge Base
  • Leveraging Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
  • Big Data
  • Optimizing Tumor Organoid Platform
  • Techniques in Fluorescence in situ Hybridization Technology (FISH)

“Mentorship at all levels, through formal programs and informal relationships, is especially important in nurturing the next generation of leaders and allowing us to advance more efficiently across our mission.”

From the desk of Dean Choi

EIPM Interns
EIPM Intern Alumni
Sophia Roshal
Sophia Roshal
Software Engineer
Sophia's research focus is on developing 3D immersive and collaborative mixed reality applications using Microsoft HoloLens. In 2017 she helped to...